Broadband video phones are the next level of communication making use of the web rather than classic telephone lines and solutions. The broadband video telephone will enable users to talk, send and received true time video. This technologies uses a typical high-speed internet connection to send up to thirty frames per second. Most also incorporate a full duplex speakerphone for the audio element.


Motorola and WorldGate are working with each other to industry a broadband video telephone that performs quite comparable to many on the internet communication solutions supplying voice and webcam solutions. The benefit of this broadband video telephone is that the personal computer is not needed as it would be with the headset and webcam choice.


D-Hyperlink gives several distinct designs of broadband video phones. The desktop model looks extremely equivalent to a normal corded phone but involves a five-inch colour LCD screen. It is created for videoconferencing over the world wide web and does not need any connection to a personal computer.

The other models offered use a Tv to provide the videoconferencing. A single is wireless that allows easy portability and fast set-up. The wired model, like the wireless, does not require a Pc to run, but does require an ethernet cable to be run from the router or broadband web connection.


Viseon is one of the 1st firms to market a home use broadband video phone. It operates on all high speed world wide web connections which includes DSL or cable modems. It attributes two way video telephony and permits the user to manage the service by way of an onscreen display.


The Wooksung video phone is a desktop telephone featuring a higher resolution 3.five inch screen and a digital camera. For greater flexibility/mobility the screen swivels around its base. These function tends to make it an excellent for travel. This phone has AV in/out jacks in the rear which can be employed for projecting the picture on a larger screen.

What the future holds

The future of broadband video phones is heading towards much more transportable and a lot more compact models. Numerous firms in China already supply video cell phones and this technology is on the move and is the wave of the future. Existing models of broadband video phones variety from about two hundred dollars up to five hundred dollars.

Deciding to use or not use a video phone depends on your comfort with technology, your ISP’s VoIP technology, and your business or personal demands. Whether you select to acquire a broadband internet phone now or later, be prepared to see more choices and models on the marketplace.

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