Plymouth Colony was an English colony in America at a place which had earlier been surveyed and named by John Smith. The settlement grew as the hub of the new colony and later became the city of Plymouth, Massachusetts. This was one of the oldest colonies to come into America and was established as a trading post. Its location was selected for its connectivity to the ocean and Atlantic Ocean as well as to the rest of the world. It is one of the oldest cities of New England.


One can go through the city of Plymouth with many historical sites. You can have a glimpse of the Plymouth colony and learn about the various events that transpired. There are lots of colonial buildings and monuments which have now been turned into heritage places. There are lots of public buildings and museums that display information about the history of this city.

If you visit the Plymouth harbor then you will get to see the whaling ships. These whaling ships catch the local fish and bring it back to the harbor to be processed. Some of the harbors have modern amenities, so that the visitors can have a nice time while visiting the harbor. There are also some very old fort structures as well.

The Plymouth Harbor has a beautiful dock. This is where the landing of large commercial ships like the Royal navy ships is possible. The harbor also has a port of call, which helps in getting to different places. There are also harbor tours and trips. These are all arranged by various organizations for visitors.

Plymouth is home to the first colony of the Plymouth colony. One of the oldest churches in the city is the Presbytery. This church was built in 1640 and is still in good condition. There are other churches as well. All the houses and other buildings are well preserved.

There are many interesting historical sites, which include the ‘King’s Chapel’. This chapel dates back to the time when the English colonies in North America were being established. There are also sandstone buildings from earlier period. There is a museum with an interpretive center where one can know about the history of Plymouth.

If you plan to go for a walk in the city, then you should do it around the central point of the town. You will find this place crowded during Sundays since the port is usually crowded during this time. However, you will not find it crowded during other times of the week. The central port is also a great place to shop.

Some of the places of interest in the city include the Plymouth New Colony Museum. This museum houses artifacts from the days of the Plymouth colony. This museum houses a replica of the Mayflower. It is very beautiful and the interior is made of fine art. There are also numerous maritime artifacts available.

Besides, there is the South Plymouth Synagogue. The church is one of the oldest standing in the city. This church was built in 1697. It has a beautiful stained glass window which is opened to the public on Christmas Eve. The sanctuary is designed in the Spanish style.

Plymouth’s museums also deserve mention. The Aquarium and Marine Science Museum, founded by Captain William Franklin, houses many rare animals. It has a seal aquarium, a shark tank and a variety of marine fishes. There is a section on Darwin’s voyage to England.

Plymouth is also the home of the first British Woolen Factory. This factory is still running to this day. It manufactures thermal wool and bamboo items. Woolen fabric is highly valued throughout the world. It is the ultimate material for making tablecloths and other cloth articles.

All in all, Plymouth is a great place to visit. Its natural beauty and resources have drawn many visitors over the years. For more information, you can contact the Plymouth orginarians or the government of the county.