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The Lord of the Rings Online – Escort Cim

The escort Cheshire English Juliet is part of a group that includes the escort Cimolene, and the Baroness, Jenny. Considered an unsuccessful attempt to invade the English crown by Mary of Burgundy, it was in fact a minor rebellion led by Jenny. This led Mary to send two of her most loyal henchmen, Sir Walter Ralegh and Sir Simon de Montrose to Northampton to oversee the arrest of Sir Walter and Jenny. The arrest and death of Jenny’s mistress was what sparked off the sack of Mary.

At the beginning of the third century, the two remaining Lady Castlesmaids were forced to leave the city. They returned to the capital and established a new household of their own. The new household was torn apart by the loyal knights. Eventually neither of them ever saw the other, nor did they learn who the current Lady was.

Escort Cheshire was based out of a small keep located on the north side of Northampton. It had a small store room and a sitting room that included a large bed where the jester would sit when waiting for engagements. The jester was originally given the role of being the ring bearer for the bride’s knight in arms, but due to illness, he never returned. He later died in his bed, possibly of a broken heart.

The story of the jester begins when he arrives in a bright wind storm, blowing up his chandelier, knocking down the tables, and lighting the thieves’ house. As luck would have it, though, the jester’s fancy is not to go down without a fight. A giant iron maiden guards the gates to the chateau as the jester sets off in an effort to climb to the top of the mountain. He is joined by two other giants, though, and they easily manage to scale the height.

The chateau is quickly taken as the robbers are rounded up and the giant Lord Godalming leads the men into the city of Magdeburg. Escort Cheshire and the other noblemen flee into the country while the rest of the force is encircled. The terrified Lord Godalming curses the citizens of Magdeburg and the giant Grendel is forced to flee into the city of Trier where he lays waste to the lives of the people there. Escort Cheshire is captured by Jagar Hammerfist who is holding the town of Magdeburg ransom for the lives of his subjects.

When a group of militiamen from the north arrive at Trier to help relieve the town of Magdeburg, Escort Cheshire uses his persuasive abilities to broker a deal between the two sides. He tricks the militiamen and their captain, Molles de la Grange, to surrender the castle to them. They then allow him to lead the recapture of the castle himself. The remainder of the force is led by Jagar Hammerfist.

Escort Cim’s loyal subjects, the Freys, also accept the surrender of the fortress. Molles and his men disguise themselves as merchants and travel to the court of Kingric. There they demand the release of the captured jester. Escort Cim and his remaining forces attack the Thuringian army. He kills Kingric and leads his undead army into the crypt where Alric and Algiz go after them.

The surviving jesters then parade before the assembled troops as a show of prowess. The surviving Freys agree to aid the enemy jester in capturing the kingdom of Aventurias so that their untimely death does not free Aventurias from its rightful throne. Escort Cim then joins forces with Jagar Hammerfist to defeat the undead army of Kingric. The kingdom of Aventurias soon falls to the clutches of the Lich King.